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An ex-teacher, eco-entrepreneur, new mama living on a hobby-farm-in-the-making writing the blog "Adventures in Eco-Living" and running


My real eco-adventures started in 2006, when I got married and my husband and I decided it was time for a new life journey. We left the big city and moved to rural Michigan to create a hobby farm and live the green life!

After finishing my Masters in teaching, I worked for a few years, then "retired" to work from home and try to earn a living from our land. We opened The Greater Green, an eco-friendly online retailer specializing in natural, organic, and non-toxic home products that we use and love.

We started this blog as a way to communicate our eco-ideas, laugh and learn along the way, and connect with other dreamers and adventurers out there!

We hope you will join us in our Adventures in Eco-Living!


laughing, playing hide and seek with my 1-year old son, baking easy no-knead bread, gardening, tom robbins, drinking tea, smiling at nothing in particular, traveling in our shasta camper, cooking dishes that i've made up, eco-living, vespa riding, black labs, staring at the stars, watching my husband build his tree house, playing frisbee with my black lab, taking naps, long soaks in hot springs, thrift store hunting, canning vegetables, baking apple pies, hiking, writing, photography, snowboarding, living, campfires, growing heirloom & organic veggies, cuddling with kittens, raising chickens and piggies