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June 09, 2008


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Tatiana Newman

I have been using Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream with all of my three children. It’s the best product I have found on the market and I tried several. The FDA is warning about two ingredients that may be potentially harmful but these are preservatives that are commonly used in many other products. Their amount in the nipple cream is negligible. I know that because I am a pharmacist by trade. In this case, the FDA created too much ado about nothing.

Diane Zoran

I am a pharmacist and I also use this nipple cream – the same “potentially harmful ingredients” are used in many other products as preservatives. I called the company to ask about the amount they put in the formula and it appears to be next to nothing. This natural product is definitely much better than those who have lanolin. I have been happily using other products manufactured by this company and I find them to be great, especially the Baby’s Bliss gripe water for colic, which gave us so many peaceful nights.

Carl Thompson

As someone who works in the personal care product industry, I have an interest in the outcome of this issue. Please keep me posted. Thank you.


I have never used this product but I did use Earth Momma Angel Baby nipple cream and never had a cracked nipple or even a hint of dry skin! If you are looking for an alternative to Mother's Bliss, you might look into it. I believe it is organic & natural but would have to check to be 100% sure. Thanks for the info!

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