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September 16, 2008


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Though they may not admit in newscasts I'm sure the reporters who did a little research have found that the satellite and balloon data indicates we are entering a serious period of cooling alongside a profound solar minimum. Be glad they aren't paying closer attention to it.

In the name of the millions going blind from blocked access to golden rice, in the name of the millions who starve for lack of GMOs, for the millions upon millions who have died from malaria from the DDT ban I swear that despite this media brownout your millenarian lies will be exposed, and environmentalism put in the same place as eugenics and other creepy misanthropic philosophies.


I found similar thoughts and concepts in the site: http://parthardas.googlepages.com/. It has many useful related widgets also. Nice site to visit. It shows end-of-world portents also.

Joey L.

Wow, Mick, I think you missed the whole point of my post... which was that in the end, it doesn't matter if we are right or wrong, only that as long as we treat global warming as a possibility and act accordingly, we bring about meaningful changes in our lives that only benefit everyone, with healthier air and cleaner water, strong local economies, and new alternative technologies.

Also, FYI, global warming does not mean that our temperatures will only rise. The rising average temperatures will cause extreme swings in either direction (meaning periods of cooling as well), violent storms, changes in current, melting of polar ice caps (which we know for certain is happening already), and changes in the climates of various ecosystems, in some cases getting warmer and in some cases possibly getting cooler. Global climate change results in more erratic weather, not jut warmer weather... we will still have blizzards, and hurricanes, and ice storms, and chances are they will be even more violent and heavy....

Your point about GMOs grossly underestimates the situation. Companies like Monsanto and Cargill have pushed their GMO crops on unsuspecting third world farmers- farmers who didn't realize that they were buying crops for which they could not save seed for the next year (because these companies have actually made it illegal to save seeds from their crops). This is devastating third world farming communities, many of whom are too poor to buy seed year after year, as these companies require with their "patented" crops; instead, they have agricultural traditions that go back thousands of years involving preserving seed, a gift of the earth, in order to have a harvest again next year. To me this demonstrates that these GMO companies ONLY want to make a profit, not help out these poor farming communities, as they advertise. This is all not to mention the potential health hazards of GMO crops, which we are discovering

I am left wondering why you are so vehemently opposed to my ideas (which you refer to as "millenarium lies") to protect our beautiful planet and build sustainable, meaningful, and healthy lives for all its inhabitants. The truth is they would help improve your life, too!

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