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November 08, 2008


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Kate Walker

I'm wondering if Mary has a rooster and, if not, would that be an option in her current situation? I am in central NY in an area known as "Hawk Corridor" because of all the big fellows who stroll through while migrating. A hard-working rooster always has an eye out for hawks and will give a specific call if he spots any.(I call it the "hawk squawk") I'm always amazed at how quickly even the most independent hens will respond to that call and take cover immediately. Without that guidance, many hens freeze and squat, which sadly makes them perfect prey.

Just my two cents!

Brandy  Kilgore

Mary iI am in Mississippi and I have put old CD that dont work or I just dont want around my coop. It has worked so far. i have not had any more come up gone.



Purple Martins will keep away meat eating birds from your flock! It works great when they're around.

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