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December 14, 2008


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He's kinda cute!


Pray tell - how did it end? (I'm kinda guessing but may be you were just too busy to write?)

It's an interesting story ... on more than one level, too. Also, very recognizable - the old timers ready to shoot anything that moves, the newcomers trying to find a balance ... I'm on both sides of the fence here (long story), so I really enjoyed reading it ... :)

On a technical point - how did it get inside the coop anyway? Do you use electronet around the coop?


Thanks for the comments, Leon! Our possum situation ended as such: after 3 days of showing up multiple times each day, the possum has suddenly never returned.... my husband and all my neighbors insist that no one harmed the little guy, but I have my suspicions that a well-meaning someone "took care of" the possum. I pressed but not too hard. I'm not sure I want to know... I am certain that he should have kept coming back, since it was so easy for him to get in... all we have now is a short fence around the coop, which we leave open during the day so the chickens can get some small bit of fresh air and sunshine during these short winter days. Even if the fence was closed, the possum could easily climb the fence, now that we took our sunshade off of the top of it (it was stretching and about to rip from the weight of all the snow.) So I expect that either he will still return, or someone has broken their promise to me....


Actually, there are many many creatures (besides your neighbors) out there that would be more than happy to kill a possum for one reason or the other. Plus, the accidents - rotten tree limb, speeding car ... So he may never return and no one has broken their promise.

As for the prevention - electronet won't work in deep snow but otherwise it's one of the best (and non-lethal) ways to keep away possums, raccoons, cats and some even say coyotes (not our coyotes though). You could make a big ring around your coop, so the chickens have all the grass they need + protection. It's impossible to climb on and it's portable, so you can move it every week if you need to. One of these probably would be my first choice: http://www.premier1supplies.com/fencing.php?species_id=6

If you don't own a good energizer yet, the start up cost is a bit painful. On the other hand, because of their portability and ability to keep in or out all kind of creatures, these nets are so universally useful, you may later find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them.

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