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January 03, 2009


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I totally remember buying oyster shells to add to our chicken feed when I was a kid!


To extend on your situation chickens will also eat the inside of the egg if they get the chance. They enjoy the taste for some reason and there is really nothing you can do to stop this, besides collecting eggs more often.

Susan Gasper

You know, my parents fed the egg shells back to our chickens all the time when I was growing up. They still do. I even do it for my chickens... I don't have an egg eating problem. I also keep calcium (oyster shells or argonite) free choice for them in a feeder as well as free choice grit and mineral. My parents didn't even do that, they'd just toss some oyster shells out on top of the egg shell heap when their shells seemed a little flimsy.
A real help for egg eaters is to have a nest box that is dark, not like the modern nest boxes that are open fronted but one that keeps it nice and dark inside. My parents have a variation of what's called a "tunnel" nest box. It actually stresses chickens to have to lay in these modern nest boxes that everyone uses these days. I do have to admit though.. lol I use one for the moment as well, at least until we get a better one built. I hope this helps.


I had the problem with my chickens eating their own eggs. I went to our local Produce store and brought two white plastic eggs and a bag of shell grit. Four girls pecked at the plastic eggs madly and then gave up. I now get 9 eggs per day and the plastic eggs are still in the nest along with a healthy supply of shell grit everyday!

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