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March 02, 2009


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stove pipe

Those are some great points. I did not know about the FSC program.


I agree that no old growth forest should be clear cut, but clear cutting areas of fairly young trees doesn't damage much and the land comes back much quicker than seems possible. Our ninety acres along with our two neighbors land was clear cut and replanted, because we had to have our land as Agriculture Use land or our taxes would go way up. That was three years ago and our place is filled with wildlife. The timber management companies that buy and sell the trees have a vested interest in convincing land owners to replant and in many cases there are grants that help cover the cost of replanting. I don't believe you should clear cut a ten thousand acres at a time, but I think for the most part those days are over in the United States. It will take another fifteen years before the timber on our property is ready for harvest. Cutting down fifty year old trees to grow new ones doesn't damage the earth. It takes a lot more than that to mess up the planet. The only reason I am making this comment is because it is very hard to see this process happen unless you live in it. I didn't even understand how clear cutting worked when we moved here and when I asked the logging company how many guys would be out here with chainsaws he just laughed. When our place was logged it looked just like your picture and we thought "what have we done", but now it is covered with trees and tons of wild plants. BY THE WAY I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

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