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December 18, 2010


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Skip Hire Birmingham

I think its a great idea, its all to easy just to shred off some cheap wrapping paper and olny care about the present. But why not make an event out of the entire act of giving gifts? its so much nicer and people will soon start doing it them selves.

Stephanie Byng

My name is Stephanie Byng and I wanted to let you know about my book, An Eco-Babe’s Guide to Greening It. I'm looking for blogs to do a review and I was wondering if you'd be interested.

The book is a guide to green living that covers everything from hygiene to sweatshops, babies and alternative fuels. While the book does offer some suggestions for green products and businesses, the main purpose of the book is to encourage women to find ethical consumerist ways to green their lives. In addition, when I do recommend businesses, I encourage my readers to support women-owned businesses and work-at-home parents instead of conglomerates with sketchy environmental practices. The book is geared to the woman with a budget as opposed to many other green guides out there that assume their readers can afford to spend $20 on shampoo. In addition, the book is printed on 30% recycled paper and uses Print-on-Demand technology. This means that a single book isn’t printed until someone orders it. Most books are printed in large lots (in the thousands) and then sit in storage waiting to be bought. Copies that aren’t bought are destroyed. That is such a waste! I even offer a paperless kindle version of my book.

Stephanie Byng

Green Living

Thanks for the idea. I love Green Living. So thank you for sharing us with good things to buy that don't harm the environment or other people.

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